With meditative light by Lucia NO3 at one of our lounges, you will be induced to relax state of mind, theta brain wave at as slow as 7-4 Hz that help release your stress and negative thinking, or healing the trauma, or it leads to a creative life with mindfulness. Various programs have different composition of flickering light and intensity.
Some people can just relax almost falling asleep, some people see colorful images, and even also beautifully flowing geometric shapes or more embodied visual images deep inside your mind. You will discover your own experience.
20-40mins per session. Considering some marginal time when you arrive at our spa, reception and getting ready, then a little relaxation moment after the session, you should be enjoying our spa at least around 1 hour in total. Let’s deep dive into yourself.

*First time guests will have explanation with 3 mins strobe light tolerance test, then proceed to the real session.

ラウンジで使用しているメディテーションライトLucia NO3の特別な光が、リラックス状態の脳波7~4 Hzという眠る寸前のゆっくりなシータ波に導き、心理的ストレスやネガティブな意識、トラウマからの解放、そこから創造的な精神活動に満ちたマインドフルな生活へと誘います。数々のプログラムごとに光の構成方法や、強さが異なります。